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Is that a Facebook Friend or a Debt Collector?

Debt collectors are known to use any means available to contact a debtor.  We talk to clients who have had debt collectors call employers, parents, children, ex-spouses and even neighbors to try to embarrass and pressure debtors to pay.  But in a new trend, debt collectors are “friending” debtors on Facebook in order to send them personal messages or post on their walls:

Debt Collectors Posing as Facebook Friends Spur Watchdogs

When creditors are owed money, it’s understandable that they must take action to collect the debt if possible.  And the truth is, our clients want to pay their bills.  Most often, they are unable to pay their debts due to illness, job loss, or other major life events that leave them unable to pay and vulnerable to wage garnishments, repossessions, foreclosures and further financial hardship.  We have serious concerns about debt collectors who try to collect using fraud or misrepresentations, and hope that new federal oversight will keep collection agencies honest.

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