Guard Against Identity Theft at Tax Time

Identity theft is a big issue for consumers in the United States.  It’s especially important to protect yourself around tax time, when you’re sharing a lot of personal and financial information with others.  A recent CNBC article highlights some great tips to keep your data safe:

CNBC: How to Defend Against Identity Theft this Tax Season

The list starts out with a tip that might surprise you: Always check the e-file provider you use is registered with the IRS.  The list also recommends taxpayers do not store their tax files on a personal computer hard drive.  Instead, keep a hard copy and store the digital files on a CD-ROM or flash drive for reference.

Identity theft is a big hassle, and can wreak havoc on your credit.  Bankruptcy can help victims of identity theft when other methods fail to clean up the mess, but it should of course be considered only in some cases.  If you’ve been a victim and have been unable to resolve your credit issues, call our office for a free, confidential consultation with an attorney to find out if bankruptcy might work for you.

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