*Hearing and courthouse procedures may be temporarily adjusted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please be aware that your attorney may contact you with changes to the following information prior to your scheduled hearing.*

For our current clients:

341(a) Meeting of Creditors Hearings

Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled hearing time.  This gives us a chance to check in about any last-minute questions you might have, and gives your attorney an opportunity to review your documents for the trustee.  It will also give you an opportunity to observe a couple of hearings scheduled before yours, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.  Please leave any cameras, pocketknives, mace, lighters, and weapons of any kind at home or in your car, since you may need to pass through a metal detector and courthouse security to reach your hearing location.

Remember to bring:

  • your original social security card (unless you’ve talked to your attorney about an alternate form of identification)
  • a picture ID, like a driver’s license
  • if you’re employed, the pay stub that paid you for the date your case was filed
  • a bank statement or ATM receipt showing the balance in each of your bank accounts on the date your case was filed
  • any questionnaire mailed to you by your attorney or or the trustee in your case
  • anything else you discussed with your attorney

Reaffirmation Hearings

If you have chosen to reaffirm on a vehicle or other property after your bankruptcy has been filed, and your attorney has chosen not to certify that the agreement is in your best financial interest, a reaffirmation hearing may be set.  During the hearing, a bankruptcy judge will review the agreement and determine whether it appears to be in your best interest to reaffirm on the terms set forth in the agreement.  Your attorney will not attend the reaffirmation hearing with you, unless special arrangements have been made or there is a specific need for your attorney to be present.  However, your attorney will review any reaffirmation agreements with you when they are received, and discuss the potential consequences and benefits of reaffirmation.  All reaffirmation hearings for debtors living in the areas serviced by Armstrong Bankruptcy Law Offices are held in Eugene at the Wayne L. Morse Federal Courthouse.

The District of Oregon Bankruptcy Court website has posted a video of the process of a reaffirmation hearing with a bankruptcy judge.  It can be viewed HERE (look under “Information for Debtors” for the “Reaffirmation Hearing Video” link).

Hearing Locations

Eugene: Wayne L. Morse Federal Courthouse, 405 E. Eighth Avenue

If your hearing is in Eugene, please park in the lot in front of our office across the street and check in with our receptionist.  If you require handicapped parking, go directly to the courthouse and park at a marked space on the street.  There are wheelchair ramps located to the left of the outside steps, and an elevator located to the right of the steps.

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 Salem: 3301 Market St. NE (at Holiday Inn, formerly Red Lion)

Red Lion Salem
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Roseburg: City Council Chambers, 900 SE Douglas Ave.

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*Note on Roseburg hearings: Occasionally, hearings are held at 1134 SE Douglas St. in the Church Annex.  Refer to your hearing notice to verify the location for your hearing, or call your attorney.